I Love/ Hate Candy

Bart Marlowe

Our team has discovered yet another sonnet written by James Bartholomew “Bart” Marlowe, who until now was an unknown older half brother to Christopher Marlowe. It appears that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, did commission several works from Bart until her favor turned to the younger, more talented Christopher. This must have been written on Halloween night after Her Majesty and Bart ate all the candy before it could be handed out to the trick- or-treaters. It is unclear at this time who Tim is.


NO. 2.  I Love/ hate candy

I love/ hate candy! Oh I know ‘tis true!

Some choc’late, caramel, ooh! marzipan

And Reeces cups all filled with yummy goo

They all once filled my happy candy can.

But now, alas, O ghouls and ghosts and vamps

I have no tricks nor treats for thee to take.

Her Majesty and I are greedy scamps!

Forsooth! I would that, we for heavens sake,

Would deign To keep our greedy paws away

From all the yummy candy, snacks and treats.

O Reeces, Hersheys, fly thou hence today!

That we, instead, would eat our bright red beets.

So if ye see our porch light dim

Go kindly to our neighbor, Tim


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