An Ode to Steve the Llama Who Was Llamanapped on Saturday

Captain Francis Drake. One will note the stuffed Llama, Steve on the perched on the front of his hat.

Commissioned by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I upon hearing of the unfortunate llamanapping of Steve the Llama at the 26th annual Renaissance Autumn Festival on Saturday. A sonnet by Christopher Marlow’s brother, Bart!


Ode to Steve, the Llama

O Steve, who on Sir Drake’s broad hat did sit,

Though small in size and silent on thy perch,

Methinks thou droll and full of fluffy wit.

O that we could for Drakes companion search,

we would the whole of Wilson Park so scour

In search of Steve who has been llamanapped.

Why hast thou gone? Return this very hour!

So that thou on Drake’s head again be capped

Our kingdom weeps for now we are bereft,

O fuzzy llama thou art truly gone!

To some Italian scoundrel thou hast left

And now thy time with Captain Drake is done.

We only hope that Drake would deem her cute

So that O Steve, thy home may deign to suit!

A close- up of Steve with the inscription “Ne’er Forget” which is translated as “never forget” for those who do not speak pirate.



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