PRO #2 Our First Obsessed guest, Shawn Watson, talks about his obsession with Jenna Rose

Most people who know me, know that I’m obsessed with music. I have my preferences, but I enjoy just about any style of music there is. I’ m always talking about some kind of song that’s stuck in my head or may even post what’s stuck in my head on Facebook. And most of the time it is music that I actually like. But here recently a good buddy of mine has been repeatedly posting things related to a ridiculous song called, “My Jeans” by exploited teen…. I mean, teen star, Jenna Rose.  And, like an idiot clicked the link….. Four minutes and one second, I will never get back. And now every time he and his friends say something related to “Jack My Swag”  or lil’ Triggy’s Blackberry I get part of this tune stuck in my head. So earlier this week, PRO sat down with our first Obsessed Guest, Shawn Watson to discuss his apparent obsession with Jenna Rose

For the sake of context I will post a link to the song.  I repeat, this is four minutes and one second of something so wonderfully terrible it’s actually entertaining.

PRO: Hey Shawn, thanks for taking time with us today and congratulations on being our first Obsessed Guest here on Pre Registered Obsessions.

SW:Thanks for having me. It means a lot to be asked to discuss my obsession with you today.

PRO Shawn, your facebook posts take up about 85 to 90% of my news feed. Is sitting around posting on facebook all you do these days?

SW:No, indeed it is not. I also use Twitter as well, and tweet about twice as much as I post on Facebook.

PRO:  So Tell us a little about yourself. What other things do you obsess over?

SW: Well, I go to school at Jonesboro High School, and I’m about to enter my senior year. After I graduate, I plan to attend college at Arkansas State University, where I plan to major in English and teach at a High School level. I am also an absolute music junkie. I’m a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal music; my favorite band of all time being KISS. I’ve seen them in concert three times and met many members, both current and former, on several occasions. I own over 30 KISS shirts, so I suppose you could say that Gene Simmons is my other obsession.

PRO: Who, would you say are your biggest musical influences?

SW:My biggest musical influence of all time, as you can imagine, is KISS. Outside of that, I’m a big fan of bands such as Pantera, Metallica, Motley Crue, Poison, AC/DC, and pretty much any other bands classified as “Classic Rock” or “Heavy Metal.” And, of course, the love of my life, Jenna Rose.

PRO: I couldn’t help but notice you seem to have an obsession with Jenna Rose and the “My Jeans” song. Where did you find this song? And why are you subjugating us to it?

SW: I actually found  “My Jeans” through a friend of mine who posted the Brock’s Dub of it on Facebook.  Upon hearing the dub, I decided that I must hear the original song, and discovered just how catchy it is. I post quotes and pictures of Jenna rampantly mostly to express my love for her. She is a wonderful person and artist, and I feel as if everybody in the world should acknowledge her talent and song-writing ability. She writes music that anybody can relate to. We’ve all had moments where we see another person wearing our jeans in an effort to jack our swag. She wrote that song for anybody who has ever been heartbroken, depressed, or swag-jacked. It’s deep lyrics and fantastic singing by Jenna, in addition to the wonderful rap part by Baby Triggy, make the song virtually perfect in every way.

PRO: As, hopefully, one of our pop-culture experts on PRO, could you give us a little background information on Jenna Rose?

Why, yes. Jenna has been a rising star since the age of four. She has written countless other tunes but, sadly, only has one other single entitled “O.M.G.” She loves Mini Coopers and her rich parents.

PRO: Why do you think a song about Jeans  is so relevant to today’s society?

SW:  A song such as “My Jeans” is relevant today because, as I’ve said, everybody has had the problem of multiple people wearing their jeans. However, I do believe that, at times, Jenna was attempting to send a message to the public about how unhealthy hero-worship and greed are. The entire song centers around wanting a pair of jeans that celebrities wear, which speaks about how badly Jenna wishes to be like her heroes; and how all of America wishes to behave as the rich and famous do.

PRO:  What do you think that says about us?

SW: I think that this song shows that, while hero worship is normal, it can also consume you. When Jenna sees another girl wearing her jeans, she feels as if somebody has betrayed her by wearing the jeans that she would never have worn if Hannah Montana, Ashley Tisdale, and Keke Palmer had not been wearing them. Jenna is trying to display how vain and useless Americans can be these days, and how we build ourselves up to be something we’re not.

PRO: You mentioned the phrase “jack my swag”  and one of its other forms, “swag-jacked.” I think I know what that means, but I must say that wasn’t what I was thinking when I first saw it. ( Let’s just say on the life transformation groups accountability question #2, it was an epic fail) Could, you enlighten us on this phrase. Did Jenna Rose coin the phrase? And, do you think this phrase is still going to be around 20 years from now?

SW: “Jack My Swag” is actually a term made famous by Jenna Rose, however, she did borrow the terms “jack” and “swag,” in order to create the phrase. The term “jack” has been used in slum communities for years as a colloquial equivalent for “steal.” “Swag,” short for “swagger,” has emerged in rap music recently as a word to mean “personal style” or “coolness.” While slang terms do change, I believe that Americans will remember this term for many years because, while people do make fun of it constantly, it is a memorable phrase that can be used in any situation in which a person behaves as you would. I think it’ll stick around.

PRO: Perez Hilton said of Jenna Rose.”Since her parents are so rich, you’d think they would spend the money to fix her teeth instead of padding other things.” Do you agree with his asessment? Or is Jenna Rose’ teeth the Persian flaw in the rug rat that is Jenna Rose?

SW:I honestly don’t that that Perez Hilton has room to talk about anybody else’s appearance. Jenna’s teeth are fine the way they are. She simply accepts the way that she looks and doesn’t have to make caddy insults about other people to make her feel secure about the way she looks.

PRO: Let’s talk about Lil Triggy. Do you think his” new blackberry” is going to launch his career to great heights?  What do you see him doing five years from now?

SW: Baby Triggy’s new Blackberry is metaphorical for the greed which consumes people. His constant repetition of the phrase “Triggy got a new Blackberry,” was meant to be a challenge to Americans to become less vain and to quit indulging in material possessions. I believe that Triggy will, in fact, be the next John Lennon. He is, in a way, starting a revolution of his own.

PRO:  Do you think pink, rhinestone- adorned jeans like Jenna Rose will become a new trend in Hip- Hop fashion? And, will this finally spell the end of sagging?

SW: Jenna’s rhinestone jeans have already made appearances by famous people. In fact, not only were Hannah Montana, Ashley Tisdale, and Keke Palmer wearing them at the Golden Globes this year; Jay-Z, the Black Eyed Peas, Lil Wayne, Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, and Alan Rickman were as well. I don’t think that her jeans will become a simple Hip-Hop trending; I think they will become a worldwide trend.

PRO: Well that’s about all the time I can stomach for this interview. We’ve got time for  some closing remarks and then we’ll wrap this up.

SW: I’d just like to say thanks for inviting me to talk about Jenna! Keep the revolution going! Don’t indulge in material possessions and, above all, don’t jack someone’s swag!

PRO: Well hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from you since PRO would like to make you our new obsessed experts on KISS /Heavy Metal. (If you accept the job that is).  Maybe we’ll hear about some things you really obsess over.


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